Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lachlan's grandparents are coming this week.

Michael and Diane (Juliet's parents) are flying over from Sydney
arriving 11am today Wed and staying for 3 and 6 weeks respectively.
They'll stay in our new 2nd bedroom (we moved to a 2 bedroom in
Lafayette Feb). They work at the commonwealth bank and immigration
respectively and are taking a lot of time off work for Lachlan which
is so nice.

Hyam and Sue (my parents) are arriving from Melb Fri morning. Dad is
staying for about 10 days. He is teaching a course at UMelb math. Mum
is staying for a little longer. They will be coming and going from
June when Lachlan was due, until around Aug when Dad starts sabbatical
at Davis (1 hour from here), ending in Dec. They'll stay in Lafayette
and dad will commute 1-2 times a week. We're going to investigate a 1
bedroom in our complex for them. Initially they'll stay at the holiday
inn express in Walnut Creek.

All of friends and colleagues in Berkeley, cousins in Petaluma, and
Australian friends and family have shown an immense amount of love and
support. We really appreciate all the kind messages and offers of help.