Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome, Lachlan!

Baby Lachlan Mark Harry Rubinstein was born April 17 at 7:19am in Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley to his mum Juliet and dad Ben. He was 2 months premature, but weighed in at 4 pounds 9 ounces (2090g). Welcome, baby!

We started this blog to communicate Lachlan's progress to our friends and family. His birth and the days after, have been both the happiest and saddest days either of us have experienced. It has been hard to share the full details: it has been hard logistically to respond to everyone individually, and also emotionally difficult to open up. We hope this blog will be useful in keeping friends and family updated, and also will be therapeutically helpful for us.

You can read the blog from its website, or subscribe to its feed with a blog reader. Private messages are always welcome (all of those received have been read and greatly greatly appreciated, even if we have not had time to reply).

Update 1 (4/25/2009 5:37PM PST): "Lachlan" is pronounced "Lock-len". The name is of Gaelic/Scottish origins. It means "from the land of lakes" referring to people of Viking descent. It is a warrior name. We chose this name, because we felt it was a cute baby name and also a strong name for a grown man; also it is a popular baby name in Australia (#1 in 2008 and top-10 in 2007). Mark Rutherford was Juliet's uncle, who tragically died at age 19 driving to Juliet's baptism. By all accounts he was a beautiful person. Harry Bernshaw was Ben's maternal grandfather. He was a general practitioner, husband to Bella and father to Sue, David, Judi and Naomi.